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Employment issues always seem to be a moving target. Can I fire someone? What if they’re on leave? How much do I have to pay them? What if they post something I don’t like on Facebook®? What if they come to work drunk? How many warnings do I have to give them? Do I have to pay them extra if they work on Sunday? How do I deal with union employees? Can I make them an independent contractor and would I want to? Does it make a difference if I have employees in other states? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Bring me your questions and I will find out the answers, effectively and efficiently. Don’t let someone tell you they know all the answers. Every state is different. Every situation is different. Every job is different. The size of your company may make a difference. I have a lot of experience in this area, from drafting employee handbooks, employment contracts and non-compete agreements, to litigating over these issues. Guessing at these issues or crossing your fingers may be the most expensive mistake you ever make in business.

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